The most surprising thing to me was that you can have fun without alcohol and drugs. It’s a different kind of fun and much better. Before driving to Valley Hope, I was on the verge of losing my wife and two children due to a heavy alcohol/cocaine addiction.

Will I be happier if I stop drinking?

Over time, alcohol actually reduces levels of serotonin in your brain according to Tempest board member, Ruby Mehta, LCSW. When you quit alcohol, your body a chance to increase serotonin without depletion, so you may actually feel happier over time.

While I train to save lives, I entered treatment to save my own. Hi, My name is Tim and I am a Recovering Alcoholic. I was Discharged from Valley Hope July 8th, 2019.

Do you have a loved one battling addiction and would like a better understanding of this disease?

After starting my own Plumbing Business, my daily routine became, work, drink all evening at the desk. I had plenty of warning signs, only to ignore them. I have learned those same steps can, and has, helped me solve any issue that arises. That’s why it’s imperative I share my message. I do look like an alcoholic, because we look like everyone.

Bill was able to lay to rest all the guilt, shame, resentment, and abuse that haunted him by addressing his childhood traumas. The therapeutic journey of confronting the adverse childhood experiences that permeated his daily life helped him to reduce their significance in his mind. That way, these ACEs no longer pervaded his negative thought patterns. We’ve chosen today to walk you through the lives of some everyday individuals with inspiring lessons to impart rather than focusing on famous people. When I first got sober, I spent the first year finally seeing myself in a way that I had been completely unaware of. And I actually felt a huge relief when I realized what my problem was because I felt like I finally had a solution.

Women Share What Made Them Finally Decide To Get Sober

I attended all my classes and did my assignments and readings. I was blessed with an extremely good memory. I did not need to study very hard for tests to ace them. By my junior year, I was taking all honors classes and easily passing them, putting me near the top of my class. I had one influential mentor, my physiology teacher, who encouraged me to pursue an education in the sciences, perhaps medicine.

I guess you could say I caught it from my father and was born with it…it laid dormant until that first buzz. Then, in early 2014; my boyfriend got a DUI with our son in the car. The sheriff called me, waking me up from a dead drunk sleep at noon, and told me that I needed to get my son and that my boyfriend was going to jail. I called his mom and she picked my son up.

Dax Shepard’s Recovery Story

Without prejudice, her sister hugged her and told her she loved her, and that she wasn’t going to let Jamie die. But Dax’s wife, Kristen Bell, and his podcast co-host, Monica Padman, were in his corner when he came clean to them about his private struggle. The way Herren Wellness treated me with love and support when I really didn’t think I deserved it was something I needed, and I also needed a kick in the butt.

When I first got sober, I thought alcohol was the only problem. I thought once I removed alcohol, everything would fall into place. And when I do think about it, I am able to identify why and address that root issue to eliminate the craving. I don’t need or want alcohol to do anything, including going to parties or bars. In fact, I enjoy going out a whole lot more now because I am in control, remember everything, and always act in alignment with who I am. I even Googled one time to see if a lock existed that I could put on a wine bottle to keep myself out of it.

Stacia Murphy shares her story overcoming alcohol abuse

To remain in treatment, though, she had to stay clean. This was initially responsible for her sobering up. When the program ended, she moved into transitional housing. Having lost her home and children, Becki was living on the streets with winter rapidly approaching. Still gripped by her addiction, Becki’s primary concern was finding somewhere warm to stay. This prompted her to enter a residential treatment program.

inspirational stories of sobriety

By implementing these steps, individuals can create a strong and supportive community for sober living. Over the years I had bits of sobriety but most of the time I wouldn’t admit it at my home group meetings. Only when I had been on a total blackout drunk for several days would I stand up again at the call for 24 hours and say, “Hi, I’m Richard, definitely an alcoholic”. Otherwise, I just wasn’t being honest with myself or anyone else.

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