This allows our partners to scale up their project requirements as needed. To learn more, tell us about your project and we’ll get you started. This doesn’t make C less trustworthy or useful, but it is a little tougher to find the professionals you’ll need to program in C. With languages being built every other fortnight, it’s hard to keep up with the competition.

What is back-end PHP developer

If you’re looking for a backend development job, you should be ready to talk to an interviewer about times you solved problems in your previous web development work. While .NET isn’t as essential as JavaScript or Python, it’s a good skill to have in your toolbox as a backend developer. Around 79% of websites use Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) as their server-side programming language.

Backend Developer vs Frontend Developer

As a backend developer, it will be your job to make sure that the company’s servers are running code that’s fast and performant. Our dedicated MOOC experts carry out research for weeks – only then can they say their evaluations for different aspects are final and complete. Even though it takes a lot of time, this is the only way we can guarantee that all the essential features of online learning platforms are tried and tested, and the verdict is based on real data.

That data is delivered back to the frontend, where the frontend developer determines how it’s displayed to the visitor. You should be familiar with common server software like Apache, Nginx, Microsoft IIS, and the Linux operating system. You’ll also need to understand how web servers receive and process requests for web pages, how they store data, and at least the basics of how to keep them high-performing and secure. Java is another general-purpose programming language often used in the back-end of application development. It was built to be deployable across a wide range of environments and is flexible enough to support complex, high-performing software projects.

#2. NodeJS vs PHP: Database Usage

With our experienced team and comprehensive solutions, we can provide the support and expertise you need to achieve your goals. An appealing and accurate job description can better attract targeted candidates, providing you with a more qualified list of applicants. Most popular C programs aren’t simply apps, they’re relevant components of daily work and life for millions of users. Depending on the developers you hire, you’ll have the resources you need to do the same. It’s fairly common for businesses to go the mobile app route in contemporary software development.

What is back-end PHP developer

Its syntax is a lot like regular English, so it’s not hard to learn. Python has several frameworks that are used to simplify the development process. Learning a common framework like Django or CherryPy would also be a useful skill for a backend developer. Users might not even be aware of the backend developer’s work, but the website or app won’t work without it. If you’re a full-time backend developer, you do not really need to care about what goes on inside those HTML, CSS and JavaScript files you send to the user’s browser.

A Little About the Name- PHP

And the best way to do something comes out of necessity or interest. Once you consider yourself good enough with the minimum requirements, it’s time to acquire the recommended skills. This includes all the tools like Docker and NGiNX mentioned above. When people learn by themselves, they usually do not have a team or anyone who can do front end development. So you’ll often have to create webpages and servers all by yourself, at least in the beginning.

PHP is also considered to be easy to work with, making finding talent proficient in it less hard than some other more niche programming languages. When your project is launched, it is important to monitor its “health”. Monitoring is a simple and useful tool that will give you answers to all these questions. The PSR-3 standard describes the interface, and Monolog will save you from having to write your own logging service.


The language has since been updated so that it can run on Linux and even Mac OSX. C# is a good choice for web development if you plan to develop applications for multiple operating systems. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side programming language, often used to create dynamic websites that change content based on the user or browser requesting the page. PHP dynamically constructs web pages on the server from database content. This process is the opposite of static web pages, which are stored on servers in their entirety and look the same to all visitors. At the beginning of their career, a back-end developer will typically start with an entry level title like junior-level developer or software developer 1.

Therefore learning HTML isn’t a requirement for us but rather an optimization. What is really important is to clearly understand how to implement interaction with the front-end. Web-browser might be replaced with Postman – an ultimate tool to debug API. Earning a habit of documenting interfaces using OpenAPI or Blueprint will save you from constant questions from colleagues and give you +10 to karma. Back-end development can be an interesting and exciting career path.

Making RESTful APIs:

It can be embedded in HTML pages to execute some logic, and you have a complete dynamic page. The cost of hiring a Flutter Developer can vary depending on the size of the company, their budget and also the seniority of the role. It is advisable to ask candidates about their salary expectations and compare them to your own budget. This helps to avoid putting candidates through the entire hiring process only to find out you cannot meet their expectations. It is important to be transparent throughout the hiring process. Screening can be done manually, through a specific platform or an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

What is back-end PHP developer

Relational databases like MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL are typically supported by PHP. NoSQL databases are used in some time-consuming and difficult solutions, nevertheless. As NodeJS is event-driven and asynchronous, it executes applications more quickly and starts up more quickly.

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